i.c stars Tech Panel: The Power of Python and Data Analytics

Join us to learn more about Python and Data Analytics! Panelists will share their experience in the tech world, how they got in, and how they use it in their roles daily. Be sure to come with lots of questions!

Our panelists come from Accenture, United Airlines, and Indigo Nine Graphics!

Stephanie Banks:
Stephanie graduated from i.c.stars recently and is a publicist specializing in marketing, advertisement and production services for business and entertainment professionals. She is currently working for Rucker Graphics as a Senior Marketing Specialist. Stephanie knows many people from all over the world and is a Networking Guru! The combination of her charming personality with her technology experience make her an excellent addition to this panel.

Kevin Williams:
Kevin is a self-taught Web Developer and aspiring Life Coach who believes the future of tomorrow lies in the capabilities of today’s youth. He is currently in an apprenticeship at Accenture and he is trained in technology, business and leadership- with over 5000 hours of on the job experience.Kevin holds an associates degree in Computer Science.

Ricardo Ramirez:
Ricardo is a motivated individual who chose the the IT industry because he knew he wanted a career that was not dependent on having a college degree. He is seeking a position in IT and currently the runner up candidate for a data scientist position with a large hotel communications company. He plans on owning multiple businesses and using technology to help people in the world understand each other’s differences.

Ernest Roberts:
Ernest Roberts is an Associate Application Developer at OCC and came to i.c.stars Chicago as an intern in 2018. He stands firmly on his belief that “hope is not a strategy, when building high performance and high-value applications we want to make sure they work.” Ernest has an amazing work ethic and lead VICI, a two-person team, to a winning solution for CIBC. Ernest developed a web-based application to teach financial literacy to children ages 10-12. His winning application will be used in CIBC’s Money Savvy curriculum that will be rolled out across the United States. Ernest is adaptable, resilient and has great personal fortitude.




Mar 20 2019


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm






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Mind + Hand, 5400 S Pulaski Rd 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60632, USA
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